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Who can I turn to for help if I need it?

We hope that you will always feel safe. However, there are times when something can worry you, or something unsettling can happen.  At these times, it is important that you have someone to talk to.


If you cannot talk to someone at home, this page helps you to know who you can speak to for advice or support.


In school, all of your teachers are trained to help and support the children in our care.  You can talk to your favourite teacher, or a lunchtime supervisor, or someone in the office. We do have a dedicated team of people who have extra training in school to support children with big problems.  This team is led by Mrs Worthington.  Have a look at the POSTER below to see if there is anyone you can trust to talk to.


There are other agencies you can talk to if you want to speak to someone anonymous - some one you don't know.  There are various links below which will take you to sites such as the NSPCC or Childline.  


If something is wrong, or something doesn't feel right, tell someone.  We are here to help!


I need help and don't know who to ask...