St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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White Rose Scheme of Work

At St. Joseph’s, we use the White Rose Scheme of work to support our planning and teaching.  This is a well-respected scheme which has been developed by a team of passionate maths teaching experts who are influenced, inspired and informed by the work of leading maths researchers and practitioners across the world.


After looking at a range of schemes, we settled on this one because of its fundamental belief that ‘Everyone can do Maths.’  We also love the way the scheme uses a range of concrete and abstract learning (using materials and pencil and paper to you and me!)


The children love the challenge in maths – they love finding out and having a go.  We are committed to helping them to become resilient, confident mathematicians who are not afraid to have a go and who see getting things wrong as a positive step towards mastery.


Ask your child what they have been learning in Maths at school today…and even better – get them to show you!