St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Together as one family


Hello and welcome to St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School


St. Joseph's Catholic Primary is a small school with a family feel, where individuals are valued and helped to achieve their personal best.  Children are supported in becoming confident and independent young people, who thrive on challenge, and are motivated to learn.  All schools have their own distinctive feel which makes each one unique. We believe that the special feel at St. Joseph's comes from our caring, supportive and friendly environment.


As a Catholic school, we teach explicitly values from the bible, such as love, justice, forgiveness and charity. The government tell us to teach children tolerance. As a faith school, we believe that it is more important to teach our children to love one another. What can be more important than this?


The Catholic ethos is one of inclusivity, so we welcome children and families of any faith or indeed with no faith at all.  Please at a look at the admissions criteria on our website.


I am proud to lead a team that is committed to children's well-being, achieving high standards and providing the very best opportunities for all in our care.  Staff, supported by governors, work hard to deliver a rich and challenging curriculum; to prepare children for future education; and to help them acquire the skills and enthusiasm needed to embrace the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. 


The excellent start begins in our Governor Led Nursery and continues through the school with staff providing a happy, supportive and purposeful environment, and a curriculum that excites and stimulates children’s imaginations and creative thinking.   Frequent trips and visitors, community activities and a wide range of after-school clubs further add to the opportunities available to children.


For us, the thoughts and feelings of the children are most important to us.  When we surveyed them in January 2019, all the children said they feel safe in school, and everyone felt the teacher's help them to do their best.  And in the words of one of our pupils, 


‘it feels warm and safe’ 


To find out about our school, we encourage you to come and visit, to see us in action and meet staff and children. A call to the school office on 01900 829859 is all that is needed to arrange this.


We look forward to welcoming you to our school, and to a happy and successful partnership with all our new children and families.


Nicky Steels