St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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COVID Update

Dear Parents and Carers,


As you are aware, there have been some individuals in school who are currently awaiting COVID test results before they can return to school.  In most of the cases we are sure that it is a simple viral infection, but because they have presented with a high temperature (37.8C or greater) a new, continuous cough or have altered taste or smell, we cannot take the risk and have to ask them to not attend school until they have a negative test result. So far one family member has received a negative result and three more are awaiting tests. We are in for a very difficult term as many children often present with these symptoms at this time of year.  However, this year we cannot dismiss these symptoms as we have children, staff members and family members who are at higher risk if they contract the virus. 


To protect the school community, you MUST arrange for a test if your child or any member of your family shows any of these symptoms. Please inform school that you are taking this action and of the test result when you have it. We will endeavour to keep you all as informed as possible, obviously without identifying families.


We will only close part or all of the school if there are confirmed cases within school.  Children or staff who are awaiting test results will remain at home with their families until they have the all clear. Children who have displayed a high temperature should not return to school until their temperature has returned to normal for 48 hours even after a negative result.


To arrange for a test, you need to call 119 or follow this link.


If your child has a positive test result, they will need to have isolated for 10 days, and the rest of the family for 14 days, from the onset of symptoms.  If the child or staff member has been in school for 48 hours before they developed symptoms, close contacts will be informed and they will need to isolate for 14 days (but not their wider family.)


Please be vigilant and keep us informed so that we can take the necessary action in school.  It is going to be incredibly difficult, and the testing system will be placed even more under strain, but we must insist on individuals getting a negative test result before returning to school if they have any of the key COVID symptoms.