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Welcome to Class 3!


Hello, and welcome to Class 3's page, here you can find some pictures of what we have been doing in Class 3. Keep looking on here for up-to-date pictures, links and updates.

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Mr. Newton

Class 3 attended 'The Bloodhound Project' where they were asked to design their own cars and race them against other schools. The children did fantastically well placing 2nd.

Jobs in our community - Year 6 had their first taste of working life when they went to Workington Sports Centre and spoke to lots of different people about all of their career opportunities in West Cumbria.

Class 3 went to the zoo! As I'm sure you have heard, we had to make a small detour due to a tyre popping because of debris on the road. However, this did not deter us from enjoying ourselves. A special thankyou to all of the staff who attended and our coach driver Alan.

Dave from Skip2bFit came into school on the 15th of June, Class 3 particularly enjoyed circuit training outside!

This term, Year 6 were invited by The Police to attend a 'Safer In The Community' session, which was held in HighField Community Centre. The children learnt a range of things from Water Safety to Keeping safe on the Internet.

Down on the farm...

Down on the farm... 1
Down on the farm... 2
Down on the farm... 3
Down on the farm... 4
Down on the farm... 5
Down on the farm... 6
Down on the farm... 7
Down on the farm... 8
Down on the farm... 9
Down on the farm... 10
Down on the farm... 11
Down on the farm... 12
Down on the farm... 13

Class 3 decided to test out Newton's theory of Gravity, they were tasked with testing to see how the surface area of a parchute affects the time it takes for an egg to reach the ground from a constant height. Needless to say it did not all go as planned...